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– TechnoKids technology projects have computer lessons with Microsoft Office and Google Apps activities for kids in Grades 1-12. Teacher guide, workbook, and resources.


Primary Computer Curriculum
– Technology Projects for Preschool, Kindergarten and Primary Students


Junior Computer Curriculum
– Project Based Learning and Elementary Students


Intermediate Computer Curriculum
– Computer Activities for Middle or High School Students


Senior Computer Curriculum
– Advanced Technology Projects for High School Students


Project Based Learning
– TechnoKids Computer Curriculum is a set of technology projects for teachers of grades K-12


Common Core Alignment
– TechnoKids Computer Curriculum aligns with Common Core State Standards



– Contact TechnoKids support for help when using TechnoKids computer curriculum


Support Form
– Fill in the TechnoKids Support form for any help with our products or services



Download Samples
– Get your free computer lesson plan which include MS Excel, MS PowerPoint lessons for teachers and more


Free Computer Lessons
– Sign up to receive free computer lessons for kids each month. The teaching ideas and computer activities are perfect for your students



Contact Us
– Find the contact information for TechnoKids Malaysia.


Contact Form
– Send your General Enquiry using our contact form


Business Opportunity
– Join the TechnoKids team! Complete our form to request information about exciting TechnoKids business opportunities


– Videos describe the parts of a TechnoKids teacher guide. In addition, helpful instructions explain how to add answers to the TechnoKids student worksheets using Adobe Reader or Kami


Mailing List
– Sign up here to join TechnoKids mailing list in order to receive information about new TechnoKids products and services


Privacy Policy
– The TechnoKids Privacy Policy page provides a description of the personal information collected on the TechnoKids website and how this data is protected

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