TechnoKids Computer Curriculum | Senior Computer Curriculum
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Teach photo editing, word processing, database, spreadsheet, animation and presentation activities.

Advanced Technology Projects for High School Students

Our Senior Computer Curriculum are project based and each project contains a teacher guide, workbook and customisable resource files. They are specifically designed to prepare middle and high school students for advanced and the workplace.



To promote an amusement park, students learn to create posters in Word, design surveys in Excel, present ads in PowerPoint and many more!

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TechnoPhotoshop CC

Learning to edit photos as a beginner? Crop, adjust, retouch and superimpose images with these Photoshop lessons.

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Students will deliver a resume to get hired in an Ad Agency and design various publications. This will cultivate and enhance student’s word processing skills.

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Students will act as IT Specialists and create an information package using Microsoft PowerPoint to explain to customers about hardware.

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What does it take to become an event planner? Learn to organise event data with the help of Microsoft Access, forms, queries, tables and reports.

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TechnoFlash CC

New to Flash? Don’t worry, our descriptive Flash lessons teach beginners animation techniques to create an animated space story.

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Equip Students for the Future!


Our computer lessons engage students and teach them essential skills.



  • Students are constantly challenged so that their computing skills are enhanced.
  • In paperless classrooms, teachers can still annotate student worksheets easily.
  • Students become more independent while following our easy instructions.
  • Students are encouraged to use digital tools to solve problems and accomplish tasks.
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