TechnoKids Computer Curriculum | Common Core
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TechnoKids Aligns with Common Core Standards

TechnoKids Computer Curriculum helps teachers easily identify, teach, and track Common Core State Standards. View a correlation document, find your grade level, look at the suggested TechnoKids projects, and see the Common Core standards achieved in each one.


Integrate Technology into Learning using Technology Projects

Save time! Integrate learning objectives in multiple curriculum areas in one unit of study. TechnoKids promotes project based learning. Teach English Language Arts and Mathematics Common Core Standards as well as technology skills using TechnoKids Computer Curriculum.

  • Achieve Common Core Standards
  • Teach technology skills
  • Pose real world problems
  • Engage and motivate students


Common Core State Standards Initiative

Common Core State Standards were developed to create a national shared set of guidelines and expectations for student success in the United States. The goal of the standards is to prepare students graduating from high school for college, careers, and life. Common Core standards have been developed for English Language Arts, including Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects, and Mathematics for grades K to 12.


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