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Technology Projects for Google Apps and Microsoft Office – Fun Computer Activities for Kids

TechnoKids Computer Curriculum is an assortment of technology projects. Through these projects, we aim to engage children of all ages in computer activities. Our comprehensive computer lesson plans and resources are specifically created to cater for students of all ages.


Incorporate Technology into Curriculum using TechnoKids Computer Lessons

Our projects are divided into different categories. From Kindergarten to Grade 12, we got you covered.

TechnoKids and 21st Century Learning

Our computer lessons encourage students to acquire the necessary skills to analyze information, be a team player, solve problems and make decisions. Why choose TechnoKids technology projects?

  • Our price are very cost effective
  • Comes with teacher guides, workbooks & customizable resources
  • Project-based activities
  • Assignments are inclusive of detailed instructions
  • Resource files can be personalised
  • Themes incorporate into curriculum units
  • Teaching relevant technology skills
  • Projects are printed in hard copies and resources provided in CD/DVD or stored in the cloud
  • Multi-site and volume discounts
  • Free curriculum support via telephone, email or fax


Engage Students with Fun Computer Lesson Plans

Our computer lesson plans are fun, interesting and at the same time informative, so that students can learn in a productive way. Our activities enable students to be exposed to multiple subject areas. For example: history, mathematics, science, language arts and many more.

Implement TechnoKids curriculum in a preschool, government school, private school, international school, home school, computer learning centre, tuition centre or enrichment centre.

Our curriculum projects integrate into any type of curriculum. There are several licensing choices in implementing TechnoKids computer lessons:


School Wide
We have computer lesson plans that suits all students in the school from kindergarten to Grade 12.

School Division
Computer lesson plans can be implemented for various age groups of students, e.g. primary, elementary and middle school students.

Computer Course in a Computer Learning Centre
You could select a few projects and design your own course with the help of our computer lesson plans.

Curriculum Unit in a Tuition Centre
Choose a themed computer project that fits into your curriculum unit.

Technology Skills in an Enrichment Centre
Choose a project that teaches a technology skill you prefer, for example, spreadsheets.


Developing Computer Lessons Since 1993

For over two decades, TechnoKids has been the preferred partner in computer skills education. All our computer lessons and projects are written by certified teachers and tested in classrooms so that they can be implemented well in any teaching environment.

What is a project?

A project contains of theme-based activities which enable students to have fun while learning. Each project contains a teacher guide, workbook and customizable resources. Inside the resource files are templates, assessment tools, Internet bookmarks, samples and more!


Can a TechnoKids project be used in a paperless classroom?

Yes! TechnoKids resource files could be placed on individual computers or served via a central server. Workbooks and teacher guides are provided to teachers only in printed hard copies. Assignments in the workbooks could be placed on individual computers or served via a central server for students to follow instructions and key in their answers.


How can a project be shared with my students?

You can save templates, samples files, handouts, onto a flash drive, local drive or PASSWORD protected web-based server which students can then have access to them. After that, students can save their work to their own folder.


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TechnoKids computer projects are now correlated to English Language Arts and Mathematics Common Core State Standards. Find your grade, locate a project, and see how it aligns with Common Core Standards.


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TechnoKids computer projects are correlated to standards provided by the International Society of Technology Education. Find your grade, locate a project, and see how it aligns with ISTE Standards.


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TechnoKids projects make learning meaningful. Each project has computer lessons for kids that use software such as Microsoft Office. Discover how project based learning benefits students.


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