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TechnoPC Computer Fundamentals


Item Number: PRI-PC

Technology Integration: Computer, Visual Arts

Technology Skill: Graphics

Program: Paint

Includes: Computer Lesson Plans for Kids – Teacher Guide, Printable Student Workbook, Paperless Worksheets, Review Questions, Extension Activities, TechnoPC Parent Letter, TechnoPC Certificate, Summary of Skills Checklist, Computer Operators License, Samples, Mousercise Activity, Computer Parts Cards, Do’s and Don’ts Cards, Logon Cards, Paint Template, Magnify This Templates


Session 1: Point and Click to Paint
Identify computer parts. Point and click the mouse to create a picture.


Session 2: Click and Drag to Draw
Learn about computer care as you click and drag to draw a picture.


Session 3: Click and Hold to Paint
Develop mouse technique. Click and hold to create art with the airbrush.


Session 4: Left Click and Right Click to Fill
Use the right and left mouse buttons to make a pattern using the Fill tool.


Session 5: Fastest Typist in the World
Identify input and output devices. Add and format text.


Session 6: Computer Operator License
Students review skills to earn their Computer Operator’s License.


Optional Computer Lesson Plans for Kids
Magnify This: How to use the magnifier tool.
Shut Down or Log Off: Think about procedures.
Print Preview: Learn advanced tips and tricks.
Edit Colors: How to customize the colors on the menu.

Fun, engaging activities to hook student interest.

Designed for beginners, these computer lessons teach about mouse skills, computer parts, input and output, keyboarding, and computer care.

Fun activities introduce elementary students to computers.

Designed for beginners.

TechnoPC computer lesson plans include all teacher resources and student workbook.

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