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Latest News & Blog Posts

Do’s and Don’ts of Slide Show Presentations

When students share a slide show presentation they have created with the class, prepare them for success with a discussion of effective public speaking strategies. A few basic guidelines can turn a presentation into an engaging, interesting, and compelling learning experience for both the speaker...

Custom Bullets in Google Docs

At first glance, I thought the tools and possibilities in Google Docs were limited. It looked like a watered-down version of a word processor. But the more I have used it, the more powerful and comprehensive I’ve found Google Docs to be. In fact, most...

Top 5 Free Citation Generators

Students researching an inquiry question or gathering information for a report must learn to cite the source of their data. This is especially true when using online resources. Readers may want to look at the references to find more details. Teachers may want to check...

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